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This site is designed to help starting and/or struggling game developers through freelancing and building a community and development groups. Have done freelancing for a couple years I have noticed that finding the work is the easy part, but if the project requires a team to complete the task this can create some dilemma.  So we plan to make it easy for you to find group or get experience by providing assets to other groups.





Maya is a good 3D program; it is the main industry standard program, that also has a limited trial to try out the program (another one to try is 3d studio max).




Unreal Engine is the big named games engine that can use multiple languages (main languages is of C) and heavily used to make the big industry title games like Borderlands and Tekken 7. What is great about this is that it is free to use, if you are not selling the assets. While it allows some leniency on sales it be best to look up the requirements. Another good engine is unity, which is also free.



Now either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop will be the main for artistic assets like 2d drawings, concept art and Texture creation. Illustrator is more for the drawing aspects while photoshop is best for game HUD art and texture creation.