Consider shopping at a Ford dealership when buying your next car

Buying a home and buying a car are two very different things, though they can sometimes feel awfully similar. Price and lifestyle always play a factor in making the ultimate decision, but that is about where the similarity ends. Homes are investments, which should grow with time, and a person typically knows the area they want to buy in. Automobiles tend to decrease in value over time, making it less of an investment and more of a purchase you want to minimize your losses on over time. A car is mechanical, and a home is structural. They both wear out with time, but homes can be maintained and renovated in ways that cars simply cannot be. Ultimately, when the end comes for a car, a person can only hope to get some of the money back on it that was spent in the first place.

Knowing all of these issues with purchasing an automobile does not in any way, shape, or form new carmean that they are a bad idea or unnecessary. On the contrary, tens of millions of people rely on them every day as a way to get to their job and earn their livelihood, or as a way to transport their family safely to and from school. Many people vacation in their cars, and drive hundreds of miles to get to a vacation spot. With all of these factors to consider, it is no wonder that Ford is one of the best brands out there for a new or used car or truck. With flexibility in pricing, a wide variety of models, and an excellent safety record, Ford should be the next brand you look towards when purchasing a car.

In particular, O’Meara Ford Center offers an enormous variety of new and used cars and trucks, and even has used cars that go beyond Ford trucks or cars. They accept trade-ins, and inspect them carefully to make sure they are in good condition before re-selling them. O’Meara Ford Center also has an entire used car lot devoted to these automobiles, some of which are Ford and some are not. A wide range of financing mechanisms allows them to offer you the best possible deal on a car loan if you are choosing to finance your next new or used car, and those mechanisms extend to used cars as well as new. You do not have to worry about paying cash for a whole car at O’Meara Ford Center; they are prepared to offer any number of loans from a variety of lenders to help fit your needs and your budget.

Because buying a car is so different from buying a home in all of the above ways, it requires special considerations be taken that are not typically taken in any other property purchase. Homes, stocks, bonds, and other investments require a different approach than cars, and that needs to be well thought out ahead of time. Otherwise, you might find yourself sorely disappointed when you go to sell your car or trade it in and find that you are not getting back what you paid for it.


It was time to start packing up all my things and getting ready for the big move. I had a ton of stuff to get into order before the moving van arrived. My brother-in-law came by to help me move the big furniture and everything but just clearing the place out was a whole weekend of work. Then came the job of trying to set up all my stuff in my new home, which was really difficult because the other place is so different ad it seemed like nothing fit in the rooms as I thought it would have, In the end I had to rearrange some of the things in new ways and some of the stuff had to be donated because it just wouldn’t fit in my new living space. So, I finally finished setting up my new house but my job was long from done. I still had to get my old place in shape to be sold.

I had told my real estate agent that I would have the old house ready to be shown within a week or two. Maybe I had been overconfident because I had not realized just how much work was needed to get that place looking new. The first problem that presented itself was the carpet. We have a big family so the carpet had taken a beating over the years and as I stood there looking at all the stains and trying to remember how they happened, I contemplated if I should call a cleaning service or just pull up all the carpet and have new carpet put in. I called a cleaning service and luckily they were able to get the carpet looking pretty good.

The next step was to paint the walls. Painting the walls was not too hard because they only needed a coat of fresh paint here and there with the exception of my daughter’s room since she had painted her walls black. I guess she was going through one of those teenage phases. Anyway, I had to put on a layer of primer paint over the black wall and then three coats of white paint, what a disaster.

The last thing on my list was to replace the window treatments. For this I knew I would use Hunter Douglas blinds. I went measured all the windows and found out the sizes of the blinds that I would need and then I drove down to Hunter Douglas to pick them up. I found just what I was looking for with ease and while I was at the store I saw a nice set of baby blue shades that I thought would look good in our girl’s room. I was all set and just about to leave the store when some shutters caught my eye and then I was getting those too. I ended up buying a lot more than I had set out to but it was stuff I needed anyway and I was relived to finally have the old house ready for the market.


Transmission repair can be very expensive.

transmission rebuildI know absolutely nothing about cars other than how to drive one. I hate taking my car in to get worked on because I feel like I am wearing a sign that says, “take advantage of me because I know nothing”. Sometimes I can convince my brother to come with me to ensure me that I don’t need to have my air filter changed every time I have my oil changed or that my battery is still under warranty. Still, most of the time I feel like I am getting the run around any time that I take my car in to get work done. That is why the last time that I look my car in when they told me that I needed to have my transmission repaired, I decided to take it somewhere else to get a second opinion. I took my car in to another mechanic and didn’t say anything about transmission problems, hoping that if there was an actual problem that the mechanic would find it on his own. Unfortunately, he did find some problems with my transmission and suggested that I have a full transmission rebuild.

Of course I had no idea what it meant to need a transmission rebuild. To be honest, I still have no idea what it means. All I know is that it is expensive. When I told one of my friends that I needed to have my transmission rebuilt she shot me a look of horror and just told me to drive my car in to a lake and try to collect the insurance money to buy a new car. I informed her that that is called insurance fraud and would strap me with many more problems than just a faulty transmission. Still, the process was scary and overwhelming. Paying that much money for something that I didn’t understand was really intimidating and kind of frustrating. I asked around to some of my friends to see if any of them could explain what was going on with my car, but all of them seemed to be just as clueless as I was. The most that I could get was that the transmission had something to do with the engine. Duh.

Thankfully my mom offered to help me pay for the transmission repair so that I wouldn’t have to clear out my measly life savings to pay for something that I couldn’t even explain to myself. The repairs were really expensive and at some point I thought that I might as well have just put a down payment on a new car instead of dealing with the transmission rebuild. Once it was all over and I could put it behind me I felt confident that at least my car was functioning well and I hopefully wouldn’t have to worry about it for a while. One thing that I did learn from this experience is to always get a second opinion from a different mechanic. The first guy quoted me $500 more than the second guy I went to.


In labs all across the country scientist are taking a close look at cannabis and what effects it has on the human body. In the past, there was just not enough money to give marijuana the attention that it requires in a clinically controlled environment. It is however known that cannabis has been consumed by human beings for thousands of years and that it has a strong place in the spiritual ceremonies of many different peoples. Even today there are religions that use cannabis in their most sacred rituals and who believe that the plant contains healing powers that help man fight against many sicknesses. These kinds of beliefs have not received much creed in the modern American society because of the fact that marijuana has been illegal and possessed such a bad reputation by some people for so long.  Thanks to the amount of money which stands to be made once the government finishes passing the laws which still prohibit the use of cannabis in some states, scientist in marijuana testing facilities are discovering perception changing new facts about cannabis.

Cannabis science is the science that develops different types of cannabis, tests the effects of cannabis on people, develops cannabis potency and helps to investigate what the health benefits of cannabis could be. What have they been looking at these days in the world of cannabis science? The first major issue to go under the microscope in the lab is how cannabis might help fight disease. This is not too surprising if you consider the facts mentioned before that cannabis has long been used to treat a variety of aliments throughout the history of many cultures.

It is a little known fact that there are many people today who already use cannabis to help treat the symptoms of serious illnesses like cancer. The testing that is going on with sick people and cannabis has shown that cannabis can be an effective painkiller that does not possess some of the nasty side effects of opiate based pain medications. In some people, the use of cannabis also can trigger hunger, an especially important effect for a person who is suffering from an illness that causes them to loss their appetite. Test are still being done to determine if marijuana use can help treat any more disease than those it is already used to help or if the regular consumption of cannabis might be able to prevent certain diseases.

It is not just the body either that is being studies under the effects of cannabis. Scientists are taking a serious interest in what cannabis does for a person’s ability to create things. When a person is under the effects of marijuana there are sectors of the brain that show more activity than when the person is not under the effects of marijuana. The areas that show more activity tend to be in the part of the brain that controls creative thought. Since so little is known about what the positive effects of cannabis are on the human mind, this is one of the areas that is getting the most attention today.

3 Things to Know Before Buying Ranches for Sale

Land type of investment is always expensive and buying ranches for sale is not an exemption to it. The vast hectares of land that you will own will cost millions of dollars and it is just a must to know the topmost things to look out before investing into it. There is lot of estate companies that would offer their ranches for sale but depending on the type of ranch you want to acquire, the location of the ranch would matter as well. Here are some characteristics that you have to check before buying a ranch:

montana ranches for sale

vast ranch


Location is one of the major things you need to check when buying a ranch. Depending if you are willing to relocate when choosing which state to go for the ranch you want to acquire but if you want to settle on the state where you are always check all the possible ranches for sale available. There are no two ranches that are similar. Ranches are always different on their own. If you are from Oregon for example, there is a lot of Oregon ranches for sale from recreational ranch or ranch for profit. Different places may have different quality of land so make sure to check which location would truly address your requirements for the type of ranch you want.

Checklist on what you Want

As mentioned above, there are no two ranches that are the same, having a checklist on what you ant will help you determine what type of ranch you will go to. This type of checklist will also help you choose the good quality ranches that are available. Searching for ranches may require patience because it is a must to go and see the individual ranches for you to personally check them. When doing it, you can use the checklist on each ranch you visit and by the time you want to reach a decision, go back on your list and check which of the ranches you visited has met the requirements you listed. On this way too, you would rarely miss a thing and you’ll be guided because you have everything on a checklist.


Another thing you must check is your budget. This will help you narrow down your choices on the ranches that you need to check. Ranches may vary from hundreds of thousands dollars if there are any to millions of dollar price tag. Know your budget really so you will not be wasting time on checking all the ranches that are on the market and yet you can’t afford it. Know when you can stretch your budget and when you just really have to stick to it.

These are just the top three things you have to check on your end and when choosing the ranch before you put your money on the table. Investments this big takes time to consider before making the actual purchase. Make sure it addresses all your purposes whether you are buying it for leisure or for profit.


A Ford dealership can help you pick out the right vehicle for your teenage driver

As a parent, you watch your children grow up rapidly before your very eyes. One day you are holding them in the hospital right after they are born, and the next, they are graduating from high school. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there, and it goes on twenty four seven for the rest of your life after having a child. There are many pivotal moments in a child’s life growing up, but none more so than when they finally turn sixteen and are old enough to drive a car without parental supervision. This causes no shortage of stress for most of those parents, many of whom resist letting their kids drive on their own until they have driven enough with their child to know that they are capable. Some parents make them take driver’s education courses, and others still make them wait until they are a little older to actually get their driver’s license.

If you are one of many other parents who are thrilled to no longer have to drive their kids around, new trucksyou are probably in the market for a car for your teenager. Saving yourself some time in the evenings by not having to pick them up from school or drop them off at jobs, or practice, or picking them up after activities can be valuable time that you have to spend focusing on other things. Picking out the right used or new car or truck for your child can be very stressful. Knowing that they are still relatively inexperienced means that you want the safest car out there, and you also do not want the most expensive car out there. You want them to be protected if they get into an accident but also do not want to spend a small fortune on a car that they might only drive for a year or two before they go off to college.

Buying a teenager a brand new, expensive car or truck is not practical, and most families cannot afford to do that anyway. If you are in the market for a used car for your teenager, visit O’Meara Ford Center or to browse their extensive inventory of used cars and trucks. With a variety of price ranges and financing mechanisms available, they can help you find the right car or truck for your teenager, and can help save you a lot of worry by making sure that your teenager is driving off the lot in a car that is safe and in good shape. Breaking down on the side of the road is not going to happen with a used car from O’Meara Ford Center, because they inspect every single car on their lot carefully with certified mechanics and will not sell you a car that is not in great shape.

Your teenager driving is stressful. Picking out a car for them does not have to be. Visit O’Meara Ford Center today to help you and your family find the right used car.

Five good reasons you should see the dentist

Seeing the dentist regularly is a habit that too many people have fallen out of. By being able to have regular checkups with your dentist you’re going to have much better health and be able to have good health overall. Here are five good reasons you really need to see your dentist.

1. Cavities. You need to have cavities filled when they occur. Going long periods of time without taking care of cavities can lead to root canals and loss of tooth. This is not the way to keep up good health with your teeth. It can lead you down a path that is distractive would cause lots of damage to your teeth overall. Making sure that your cavities are filled quickly will help you to have a health your mouth.

2.  If you smoke you really need to get oral screenings. Do you able to go to Dentist can help you to have oral screenings to see if there are things that are occurring within the mouth so shouldn’t be? But being able to have regular checkups with the dentist will help you to keep alert to what’s going on with in the mouth. These types of things can cause all kinds of diseases being able to event signs of worst disease is occurring can be a great way to be preventative.

3.  Regular visits help you to have better to you throughout your adult life as implants Having a regular visit to the dental office helps you to be in good pattern health and being able to have a schedule of every six months that is automatically set at the end of each visit so you don’t go too far long without seeing a dentist. This can really make a difference in the overall way that you feel about your teeth. When you take care of your teeth well you are stating that you take care of yourself well and there are actually many benefits that go well beyond the oral benefit of having a good meal.

4. Pass on the tradition. Having a good family dentist helps you to be able to always go to see the dentist on a regular basis. When you do it in a regular basis your children are also do it on a good regular basis and they will see of good health. When it comes to your health you want to be able to pass on good traditions to your kids. They will do as you do and if you brush your teeth and regular visit the dentist they are much more likely to view so.

5. Replacing your toothbrush. It can be the perfect time to start using a new toothbrush when you go see your dentist and they give you that free toothpaste and toothbrush that the dentist gives you for just going through the door it’s a good way to encourage brushing and get you into a new one. Some people go away too long without changing the toothbrush which can lead to other problems in the mouth. Get involved with the dentistry in your life.

A list of things to look for in a divorce lawyer.

http://www.beringerlaw.comOne of the most emotionally stressful times of anyone’s life is when they have to go through a divorce.  Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, they are more and more common, which means more and more people have to go through this traumatizing event.  Often times, people have to go through it more than once.  Although it is certainly terrible to have to go through a divorce more than once, people who have done so probably have a better grasp on the necessary elements of going through a divorce as successfully and easily as possible.  The most important thing to think of if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to go through a divorce is who you should hire as your divorce lawyerHaving a great divorce lawyer, with experience and composure, will help you ensure that you get the best result from your case and that the situation is resolved in the quickest manner possible.  For the sake of helping people get through their divorce with as little stress and emotional strain as possible, here is a list of the qualities you should look for in a divorce lawyer.

1.  Experience.  If it is your first time going through a divorce, or even if it isn’t, you will have a lot of questions and a lot of doubt about just about everything.  You certainly do not want your lawyer to be going through his/her first divorce as well.  As with most things, it is incredibly important to find a divorce lawyer with experience.  If they have gone through all the different kinds of divorce that you can go through (people getting divorced without kids, people with kids, people who have a lot of assets and money, people who don’t, and all of the other varieties of people getting divorced) they will have the knowledge and the experience to help you with your situation.

2.  An understanding of child custodyChildren are the centerpiece of many people’s adult lives.  As a person with friends who have children, I understand how important children are the people who have them.  Therefore, if you are going through a divorce and you have children, you want to hire a divorce lawyer with a strong understanding of the legal aspects of child custody.  A divorce lawyer with a strong understanding of child custody will be sure to help you get the situation that is the best for you and the best for your children.

4.  A strong grasp of the issues surrounding spousal support and child supportSpousal support and child support are expensive.  Essentially, it means that after you are divorced, you will have to pay your spouse either for the fact that you were both married at one time, or because your spouse will be the primary guardian of your children.  To ensure that you get the best result in your case, you want to have a divorce lawyer that understands the legal ins-and-outs of spousal support and child support.  They will be able to help you get the best result for your children and for yourself.

Surface Mineral and Royalties are Considered Real Property Ownership

Energy InvestmentsInvesting in Royalties is unlike real estate. With real estate you can expect additional investments for improvements and ongoing operations. But with royalty owners there is not responsibility for ongoing operations. There will be not capital calls to cover any operating costs. As a royalty investment owner, you are not subject to any additional capital investment. You are not expected to pay for any additional operations. You have absolutely no liability for any operations that may be going on. If additional wells are drilled on the acreage, the owner of oil and gas royalty receive their share of the proceeds from the sales of production from that point forward at no additional cost to them.  Surface mineral and royalties are considered real property ownership and is conveyed by deed. The property is 1031 Exchange Eligible. In Legacy’s case, interest ownership includes small acreage positions to many different untitled sections and/or geographically diverse fields.

Cash flow is generated from the combined monthly production sales from each well producing throughout the acreage. Cash flow may be enhanced with addition of flush production from newly drilled wells. Market value of royalty interest is determined by the estimated value of reserves in place as defined by existing and future commodities pricing. Continued development adds to continued overall value. As long as wells are producing on the royalty ownership acreage, the working interest owners are legally responsible for paying royalties, typically 20 – 25 percent of cash flow after production taxes have been paid. There are certainly risks to owning non-producing acreage, the most significant of which is the possibility that the acreage fails to produce commercial quantities of oil and/or natural gas. However, this risk can be mitigated by acquiring smaller acreage positions in as many different sections in as many different blanketed formations as possible. Unitization of a section means that even a single acre will participate in production on a proportional basis.

Legacy Income Properties is a privately held energy asset management firm focusing on mineral rights ownership positions primarily in unconventional reservoirs throughout the United State. They believe that owning royalties from oil and gas mineral rights may provide a risk adjusted option to participating in domestic oil and natural gas production. Oil and gas royalties, and future royalty potential from alternative energy production such as wind and solar power, provide the opportunity to diversify our portfolio holdings with an eye towards attractive returns and potentially favorable tax benefits. They acquire and manage energy investment portfolios consisting of mineral rights and royalty assets in unconventional reservoirs throughout the lower 48 states. Legacy Income Properties LLC, a leader in Oil and Natural Gas Royalties and Mineral Royalties ownership, a Texas based Company, specializes in energy asset portfolios acquisition and management. There is no obligation and your information will be kept completely safe, secure, and completely confidential. This is not an offer to sell a security or a general solicitation. The purposes of their website is to educate and inform. Any investment in royalty based projects has some degree of risk.

Hard Money Lenders Are On Your Side

bridge loans Sometimes it feels like all lenders are only there to hassle you and make you feel like you can’t get a loan, even though you feel like you are not a large risk. The people at Montegra are there help you get a loan when others tell you that you are not able to get a loan for the property you are trying to purchase. You are so intimidated that you almost decide to forget trying for the loan that you want. But you then decide that you have nothing to lose, so why not try to get the loan and you go into to see the lenders at Montegra. You can plainly see that you are in the right place at the right time. They make you feel like you are not a risk at all and they happily loan you the money. This is the kind of people that they are. They are there to help you when a regular bank is unable to.

Whether you are a big investor or this is your first purchase, a bridge loan can help you secure your real estate investment. They are a private lender and can put you with your property quickly and efficiently. They are experts in loaning money and they will let you know where you stand in getting the loan that you want. Usually they can have an answer for you in 24 hours. Sometimes properties are in a situation where they need to be purchased quickly or you take the chance of losing them. This is never a good place to be. So quick financing works well when a loan from a bank can take months. This hard money loaning is great for just such purchasing. They help with everything, including enough cash to fix up a property if it needs to be renovated. This helps to speed things up so that the property can be refinanced after it is ready. Many people love these hard money loans for the speed at which they occur which makes if faster for occupancy to occur in the newly acquired property.

Don’t ever let a bank tell you that you aren’t worth the risk. You know within yourself that that is not true. You have always “paid your dues” so to speak and you know that banks are just picky as they have to adhere to certain standards and stipulations. You are in a positon that you feel you are good for the money so to speak. Hard money lenders are there to help you with all your financial needs and they will let you know that you are a trusted and worthy client. This is also a good way to build your credit. Your portfolio will be looking better and better as you make more and more real estate purchases. They will expand your worth and you will be regarded as a real estate investor who has made great decisions in buying.

Things to look for when selecting a climbing expedition

climbing kilimanjaro

Each year, more and more people are choosing to go on adventurous vacations such as safaris through the Serengeti’s of Kenya, rafting down the river Nile or going on climbing expeditions. It used to be that these retreats were only designated for the wealthy because of their extremely remote locations and difficulty reaching them but these days there’s more competition than ever in the market for adventure expedition companies has never been more saturated. While it is easy to get enraptured by the thought of you some attending Mount Everest or floating down the Amazon River in a canoe you have to have your wits about you when you decide where to spend your money and which expedition company to give it to. To help you avoid these pitfalls we will be discussing the latest craze and adventuring, climbing expedition. Here are a few things you want to look out for and avoid when selecting an adventure company to go climbing with:

First, where do you want to go? By answering the simple question you will be able to narrow down the field of companies you should be looking at. Try to avoid any climbing expedition company that claims to have climbing guides and all four corners of the globe. The saying “jack of all trades, master of none.” Applies here because you do not want Mountain guides that are unfamiliar with the landscape or terrain of that specific climb. What you want is to see that wherever you are going that the climbing expedition company has been there for years. First off, if you’re going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, for instance, there is much more to one of these climbs then marching up the side of the great mountain. Kenya is a far-off destination and it will take you weeks to travel there, get set up at Basecamp and acclimate yourself to the physical and environmental changes. During this time you will rely more heavily on your AMGA guides than you can imagine. Having an extended presence in the area will benefit everyone on the team.
Now that you have selected your destination, here are a few things to look for in the climbing company. The first and probably most important thing to look for is the size of climbing groups they organize. Ask how many Mountain guides will be on your trip and whether or not there are climbing guides such as Sherpas will come along. Doing a Kilimanjaro climb is much more involved than going on a standard hike. For this reason you want small group sizes so the instructor can have his or her eyes on you at all times. If you were doing something incorrectly that could hurt you or the group it should be reprimanded quickly and proper instruction should be given.
Beyond the group size you should inquire about the specific experience that this climbing expedition company has. Are the guides all AMGA mountain guides? If not, it is recommended that you move on and insist that any climbing expedition company have their guide certified in this training. It will keep you safe are on and off the mountain and ensures a better quality of expedition for you.

With the complexity of today’s tax code, professional business CPAs are a necessity. many people out there, numbers simply don’t click in their brain.  I can remember countless peers in high school mathematics classes simply hating the coursework.  They would often self-deprecate, saying that they just were not good with numbers and they didn’t understand what the teacher was asking them to do.  To put it another way, numbers intimidated them.  They didn’t feel like they were good at them, so in a self-fulfilling prophetic way, they weren’t.  The same can be said for many people forced to read through legal documents.  People don’t like reading legal documents, and in the same way as with numbers, they can often be intimidating.  We are all probably guilty of just clicking the box that says we agree to the terms and conditions of our agreement rather than reading through it.

Combine both of the kinds of frustrations above, and you get our current tax code.  It involves a lot of numbers and a lot of legal jargon.  It is complicated, it can be frustrating at times, and it can be downright indecipherable.  How many times, when filling out a W-9 for an employer or completing your income taxes at the end of the year, have you just filled out the necessary boxes and signed your name without really reading through it?  I know that I am guilty of this.  The tax code, it would seem, was designed to be boring.

Since the tax code is intentionally confusing and demanding, professional business CPAs are a must for just about everyone.   I know what you are thinking: I can’t afford to hire a CPA.  However, hiring a professional business CPA frequently saves you more money on your taxes than you have to pay them.  In the end, you come out net positive.  Accounting firms have the knowledge, the experience, and the training to decipher the tax code and to help you get the best return or pay the lowest rate that you possibly can.  It doesn’t matter if you are simply trying to pay your individual taxes, or if you are completing your taxes for you business, CPAs can really be a lot of help.  They will be able to tell you what business expenses you can deduct from your taxes, what else you can deduct from your taxes throughout the year (student loan interest, dependents, property taxes, etc.), and what income you have to pay on and what income you do not have to pay on.  To start your own CPA firm, you first have to become a CPA, and this involves passing difficult exams that require endless hours of studying.  The point that I am trying to make here is that CPAs go through a huge amount of training, much like a lawyer, and that training helps them to understand the tax code and how it pertains to specific situations.  So the next time you are doing your taxes and find yourself falling asleep with boredom, say no more.  Look into hiring a professional business CPA and reap the benefits.


Land Preservation Actions for Those With Busy Lives

“It’s your land, your planet, your future. Get involved!” This motto could not sum up any better what we all should be thinking about in our daily lives. It’s easy to ignore or forget the fact that we are slowly damaging and depleting the sources on earth that we need to keep us alive.  We go about our days, get into our cars and drive to work, sit in air conditioned offices all day, and access clean water from a tap virtually anywhere and any time.  With such luxuries engrained into our daily practices, we might hardly notices that a lot of the things we are seeing or using is contributing to climate change and planet degradation.

The quoted message from above comes from an organization that has been newly formed in Colorado for the sole purpose of preserving land and wildlife one parcel at a time.  They have really nailed down their target membership groups with exactly what those individuals want and need.  Since so many of us live the monotony that I described earlier, with what seems like endless supplies of electricity and water, we want to be able to contribute to land preservation and environmental protection without burdening ourselves too much.  This mind set obviously creates flaws in the larger model of change for the better, but we will not address that for now. Land Preservation

The ability to contribute monthly to a cause that will work tirelessly to defend land and animals on your behalf is so very American that is should bleed red, white, and blue on this page.  We are busy people and we have a lot of things to worry about, with new problems every day.  We worry about the environment too, but because it’s not calling us and leaving collection messages every evening, it doesn’t seem as pressing of an issue.  The good people of the country are aware of the environmental problems that we are facing and they want to make changes for the better, but first they want to just get ahead for once.  The stresses of jobs, young children, car troubles, and in-laws visiting can pile up and leave us feeling like we don’t have time to even eat or sleep.

Once a program of land preservation has been established, the hardworking Americans of the area can contribute $10 a month to keep the  program running.  With membership dues, land parcels all across the country are purchased privately so that the land can be preserved and protected from development.  As long as the land is owned by a private preservation organization, it can never be sold into the hands of commercial or oil and gas developers.

There’s nothing wrong with being busy, we certainly all are at times.  But it doesn’t hurt to make little contributions here and there than can lessen your burden on the earth.  If you want to make a more permanent impact without taking much time out of your day, consider contributing to a land preservation organization that can do the work for you.

8 Simple Truths about Organic Food and Products

Before, most people would check and count calories rather than counting chemicals on every food label when doing their groceries. But it’s already changing with the growing interest in organic and natural food production. It’s important to know our food sources so we worry less if there is any harmful stuff with what goes into our family’s meals.

local online grocery shopping

organic online grocery shopping

Consumers nowadays are more health conscious and access to organic food and products is a lot easier. Now that we’re living fast paced lives, online grocery shopping, is not something relatively new to us.  Companies such as, Mile High Organics, provide a variety of healthy online grocery shopping that makes everyone’s life healthy and more convenient.

Here are the 8 simple truths and why you should not panic because it’s organic:

1. It’s not as expensive as you think. People normally equate anything organic to something more expensive. When in reality, it is the exact opposite. Farmers don’t have to spend on expensive chemical fertilizers resulting to cheaper farm gate prices.

2. Freshness. Mile High Organics’ healthy food delivery service arrive in well insulated, carefully packed bins that keep your groceries and flowers fresh until midnight — guaranteed. Your frozen items will be rock solid.

3. Chemical Free. Locally produced foods were grown without the use of toxins like pesticides and fertilizers that may harm the human body in the long run. Pesticides were created to get rid of pests and may contaminate your food. Organic food products do not have flavour enhancers and other artificial sweeteners or additives that are associated with health problems.

4. Economical. You don’t have to be a farmer when you can grow your own produce in your own garden. You not only save time in taking trips to a farmers market but you also save money by growing your own crops for your own consumption.

5. Support Local Farmers. When you shop organic, you’re also supporting your local farmers and producers. This also keeps the agricultural business alive and keeps the demand high for organic products. You’re not only putting food on your own table but you’re also helping other people.

6. Health Benefits. Studies have shown that people who eat more organic food help prevent certain diseases such as Cancer, stroke, and other heart diseases.  There are up to 40 percent more antioxidants in organic fruits and vegetables.

7. Sustainability. Most organic food and products use reusable packing containers, avoiding air freighted products as much as possible and reducing auto traffic caused by frequent trips to the grocery store. That’s already hitting two birds in one stone. You protect the planet by choosing a healthier option.

8. Helps protect our animals. Organic livestock and farm animals are raised and grown in an open space.  They are not modified with any antibiotics, injections or growth hormones.

9. Organic livestock are grown without the use of synthetic hormones, antibiotics, genetic engineering or cloning and are minimally processed with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or irradiation.




Getting teens to try invisalign braces

I know that getting teens to try anything new can be a difficult challenge, to say the least. But it makes sense to try to convince them when something new comes along that is going to be easier and better for them to use. The thing with braces is that they are hard to deal with for such a long time. They tear at the inside of your gums and your cheeks, and they hurt when you go in to the orthodontist to have them straightened and changed. They also make it hard to eat some types of food or drinks, and that is never fun. Teens like to feel like they are fitting in, and not like they stand out. So the best way that we have now to get teens to try braces and work through the frustrations of having to deal with that for a few years is to get them into invisalign instead of the traditional braces. It makes more sense for them because you don’t have to deal with the heavy and noticeable metal braces that so many kids had to do. orthodonticsThere are no pieces that are set on your teeth, and nothing to go in to get tightened. Instead, it is more like an invisible plastic shelf that sits around your teeth. It is like a glove that just goes right over the teeth, and forces them into a more straight pattern. As the teeth are slowly being moved, the roots and the gums are also adjusting. In the end, once they have been moved to the correct place for enough time, they are no longer necessary and the teeth stay in the new position.

The reason this is so great for teens is that with invisalign most people won’t even know that they have braces on their teeth. They won’t be so conspicuous, which is generally what the teen would want after all. It really helps them to continue to blend in with their peers, and that alone is worth whatever effort it is to have them try something new. They will eventually realize that it is the way to go, because they will find out that their friends are using the invisalign braces and they didn’t even realize that they had anything on their teeth. The best option is to have your orthodontist talk to the teen the next time they are in for a checkup, because they can use that time to explain all the reasons why the new technology is the best for them, and they can even show them what they will look like when they put the invisalign braces on. It makes sense that everyone would want this, once they realize that it will work just as well as traditional braces and yet they won’t be able to be seen by those around them. Its like secretly fixing your smile an no one notices until they realize that your smile is perfect. People will wonder how you did it, and it will be the best.


Blackhawk Entertainment Extends from only In-Town Attractions

As a frequent destination for all types of tourists and travelers, Blackhawk is conveniently located within only a 40 minute drive from Denver, CO. Blackhawk is known across the state as the best destination for gambling and dining. But because it is in the heart of Colorado, there are camping, biking, and hiking options just minutes from the resorts and casinos so that guests can get the best of both worlds.
Blackhawk EntertainmentGolden Gate Canyon State Park is minutes away from downtown Blackhawk and contains dozens of trail heads for hiking and biking while exhibiting the beautiful views and fresh mountain air that is good for the soul. One highlighted destination within the outskirts of the city is the St. Mary’s Glacier, which sits beside a picturesque lake and is only a short hike from the trailhead. The glacier is one of the few remaining in Colorado so you definitely wouldn’t want to miss it.
Camping is also another easily accessible and exciting way to see the mountains during your stay in Blackhawk. There are countless options to choose from, with established camping sites in campgrounds all around the town as well as nearby National Forests that allow backwoods camping. Camp sites are moderately priced within the established grounds and National Forest backwoods camping is free (and don’t forget: pack it in, pack it out). More information on both trailheads and campgrounds can be found on the Blackhawk Visitor’s website.
If you’re a fan of viewing the great outdoors but don’t necessarily want to sleep in them all night, you can enjoy one of the several scenic drives that are also just a short distance from Blackhawk, CO that will expose you to the same beauty that camping does. Colorado historic highways and byways give you the chance to take amazing photographs of your trip from inside your car, and there is always a good chance of seeing some wildlife during your drive. Many routes include interesting stops along the way with museums, local cultural attractions, heritage sites, trailheads, and even an outdoor amphitheater. Driving is an ideal way to see the sights of Blackhawk and its neighboring Colorado historic towns while still getting you back to your hotel in time for dinner and a visit to the casino.
And of course, if you’ve come to the mountains of Colorado for skiing or snowboarding, Blackhawk is still a great place to stay as it is an easy drive from several ski resorts such as Echo Mountain, Winter Park, Loveland, Keystone, and Breckenridge. Skiing or snowboarding is a classic yet exhilarating way to experience the mountains as well as the local mountain town culture. Lodging during peak season as some of the resorts, though, can cost more than you wanted your entire trip to cost. Your stay at Blackhawk would be extremely affordable, and still allow you to spend the day skiing or snowboarding and the night winning at the slots. The ski resorts offer a range of packages to choose from depending on your plans, with day passes to season passes and everything in between. An entire weekend could be planned that combines skiing, hiking, gambling, dining, and spa treatment when you decide to stay at Blackhawk.

Having a junk car means car insurance is extra important

My first car was a notable piece of junk. But then again wasn’t almost everyone’s first car a piece of junk? Well almost everyone, I know that where my sister went to school everyone got a Jaguar or Mustang for their sixteenth birthday but that is just poor and irresponsible parenting. After all, a good number of those kids ending up totaling those cars (and many more subsequently).

auto insuranceI loved my junker car, it had character. Part of the front bumper was falling off from an accident that the previous owner had gotten into and so I took some heavy duty wire and gave my car “stitches.” The little sun roof was sealed closed with a thick and sticky glue that melted after the car was parked in the sun for a few hours and if I let the glue melt off too much I would get into a wet car the next time it rained. This on top of many more problems was the joy of my first car. It was junk, it was probably dangerous but it was my ticket to the open road. My ticket to going where I wanted when I wanted without having to ask my parents for a ride so what did I care.

Surprisingly the car did well for the first year or so but then one day when I was driving to the gas station to pick something up really quick all of the sudden my front driver side wheel went from totally perpendicular to the road to set kind of at an angle. I am not exactly sure what broke but I think it was some sort of axis. The wheel was petruding out and I couldn’t even open up the drivers side of the door to get out. Thankfully I was going only about fifteen miles an hour or that could have easily ended in a huge wreck and probably could have ended up hurting me or any of the people around me pretty badly.

Even though the car was only maybe a mile from my house we had to call a tow truck to get it out of the parking lot and back to my place. This of course was more expensive than most of the repair costs. Thankfully our car insurance covered at least some of the tow costs. The rest of the costs were not that great either since the wheel was all bend up along with whatever rod that was supposed to be holding the wheel in place. Then all of the frame of the car around the wheel was bent up but I never found that part worth fixing. Since the car was a piece of junk the car insurance company did not want to pay for that much of the repairs so I only bothered to get the things fixed that my auto insurance would help me cover. For the rest I knew that it would not be worth it to put the money into the car that would probably end up breaking down again shortly after. 

Using Modular Offices for our company

Our company owns and operates out of a really large warehouse, which is perfect for our needs. Well, it is almost perfect for our needs. Now that we have expanded to quite a few employees it has come to our attention here in management that we probably should build some sort of place where the employees can hang out, have their breaks and eat lunch. Right now we pretty much only have the work floor, my office, one other office and then a few tables outside. Most of the time it is pretty nice outside so it is ok for the employees to spend their breaks and lunch out there but it is really unfair I think to expect them to or I guess kind of make them since there is not any other option.

To start to fix this issue I have been talking to a company that does modular office building, which essentially means that they will put up the divides in a big space or in this case, take our big warehouse space and make one corner of it into a few different rooms which can be used for a break room or whatever else we decide on. While we are at it actually we will probably also put in a few extra offices. I am not sure how many we could really use at the moment but considering our previous growth and how well we continue to be doing, I think that an expansion could be down the road at some point and it would be nice to have the space there when the time comes instead of having to worry about it later and have it be extra costs and extra worries.

Since the modular office panels can make however many different rooms fairly easily and one panel can be used horizontally while a number go vertically to make lots of different small rooms, it would actually be much easier and probably cheaper to build it all up at once instead of buying a bunch of small modular office partitions and then having to add on and buy more later.

modular building Another thing that I really like about having a modular office is if for any reason we decide to move warehouses or locations during our next expansion, the modular office pieces can be taken out and moved to our new location. It is of course not a fun thing to do and will probably cost a bit to take apart and then a bit to transport them to the new location but overall it is quite a bit cheaper than just rebuilding the offices and rooms in every new building that we end up in. Since most warehouses don’t have a lot of separate rooms, there would also be a fairly good chance anyway that if we ever did move that we would have to build something in each warehouse so overall it makes way more sense to have modular offices that we can just move from one building to the other if the case ever arises.

Even if You Vacuum Frequently, You Still Need to Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning, As Well.

carpet cleaningThere are a lot of benefits to keeping your living space clean.  If you have allergies or other respiratory issues, it is in your best interest to minimize the dust, dirt, and other contaminants in the air.  In order to do this, you need to keep up with dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming.  Vacuuming is one of the most important tasks to complete on a regular basis, if you have carpeted floors.  That being said, you still need to schedule a professional carpet cleaning, every year, as well.  You must do this because vacuuming only eliminates the upper layer of dirt.  It does not necessarily sanitize your carpet, and it does not remove the dirt and other particles that are deep within the fibers.  Just like there are different vacuum cleaners with different levels of effectiveness, there are also different methods of carpet cleaning.  Essentially, carbonated extraction is the best technique, and shampooing the carpet is probably the least effective.

Carbonated extraction is an interesting and unique method of removing contaminants from your carpet.  While shampooing your carpet is little more than washing your carpet, carbonated extraction involves removing the contaminating particles, one at a time, using minuscule bubbles.  Each little bubble rises up to the surface with dirt and other offensive particles that were trapped within the carpet.  Plus, in addition to being more effective, it is also much less of an inconvenience.  If you have ever had your carpets shampooed, you know that your carpet is wet overnight, and you need to spend the night somewhere else.  With a carpet cleaner that uses carbonation, you do not need to worry about this, as your carpet is dry enough to be walked on, after only a few hours of drying.  Obviously, this saves you a lot of trouble, but also ensures that your carpet actually stays clean.  Too few people realize that moisture can be very unsanitary.  If it takes over twenty four hours for your floors to dry, there is a large window of opportunity for mold and bacteria to grow.

Though carpets need to be professionally cleaned more often than most other surfaces in your home, other surfaces may require in-depth cleaning, from time to time, as well.  While your rugs may be able to be cleaned, using carbonated extraction, your upholstery will not be.  Not only that, particularly delicate rugs may require special treatment, as well.  Of course, even though carbonated extraction cannot be used, the same cleaning companies that offer that type of cleaning also provide rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning services.  Rugs may need to be cleaned just as often as your carpet, but your upholstery probably does not.  When it does need to be cleaned, the process is a little different than it is for rugs and carpet.  SInce there is no way to clean your furniture as a whole, the upholstery often needs to be removed from the furniture and reattached, once it is clean.  Because this is a delicate process, you should be sure to hire only a qualified upholstery cleaner.

Why Small Denver Businesses Need Marketing and Public Relations

Publicity is everything. This is true for all types of businesses. If you have a good product, you will want people to know about it. If you receive bad publicity, you want to take action on it. PR agencies help small businesses manage how they are perceived by their peers in the industry and their customers. Below is a look at why businesses need public relations.

PR agencies

public relations

A PR firm can help you establish your brand

One of the struggles small businesses have is to establish their brand. One of the reasons is that small businesses are often faced with bigger competitions who are dominating their target market. In order to introduce their brand, small businesses often need the expertise of a public relations firm to supplement their Denver marketing efforts. PR firms help run campaigns so that these businesses get the exposure that they need. Small businesses need a positive buzz around their brands to be recognized as a well reputed company. Top PR firms do this using a strategic combination of traditional and online media to make sure that a small business has enough reach in its target market.

PR helps you educate your target audience

Many small businesses have great products that are designed to provide solutions to their customers. The problem is that most of these products do not survive the competitive market not because they are of subpar quality or because they have unreasonable prices. Often, this is because the audiences that are most likely to appreciate the product and be able to afford it have never heard of its existence. PR firms can help you educate your target audiences by letting them know about your product and how it can benefit them. Customers often do not buy a product simply because they lack the knowledge that they need them.

PR helps you build relationships

Top PR firms have the expertise in helping you build relationships with your suppliers, your customers and your potential business partners. They help you establish your company as a reputable business. They help you put out positive content around your brand so that you become a trusted name. Typically suppliers and other companies prefer to do business with those they know and trust. Having a PR team gets you introduced to other players in your industry paving the way for better partnerships with your peers. Your PR team can also help you with your customers in that they open the ways of communication between you and your target audience both through traditional press and social media.

PR agencies help you do damage control

In the case of negative publicity, you can rely on your PR team to help you with damage control. They facilitate prompt response to your customers as well as release positive content whenever possible. PR agencies are experts in reputation management so that even if your company experiences negative publicity, you are equipped to counter it the correct way. You Pr agency will also guide you on the correct ways to take action on customer concerns.